LLFS Field Center, New York, NY

Joseph H. Lee, DrPH

LLFS MPI; Columbia University Field Site Co-PI; Genetics of aging, telomeres

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Stephanie Cosentino, PhD

LLFS MPI; Coumbia University Field Site Co-PI; Cognitive Phenotyping & training

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Lawrence S. Honig, MD, PhD

LLFS Morbidity and mortality adjudication; Telomeres in aging

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R. Graham Barr, MD, DrPH

LLFS Spirometry reading center and training

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Sandra Rizer, MA

LLFS Cognitive Coordinator

Rebecca Abraham, BS

LLFS Columbia University Field Site Project Coordinator

Kathleen Chan, BS

Research Assistant

Stella Garriga, BS

Research Assistant

Samantha Dargie, BS

Research Assistant

Miji Suhr, BS

Research Assistant

Alex Robateau, MA

Research Assistant

Megan S. Barker, PhD

LLFS Demetia Review

will be added soon

Claudia Trevino

Participant Outreach Coordinator