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Upcoming LLFS Visit 3

The LLFS was funded to perform a third in-person visit on participants already enrolled and for the first time to enroll interested grandchildren of the proband generation. This was scheduled to begin in 2020, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person visits are currently planned in the US. Our Denmark site is able to perform in-person visits, as their pandemic hot-spots are much less than in the US.

In an attempt to reconnect with our participants in the US and keep our study moving forward, we have devised a new split visit for the in-person visit. The first part will be a video (Zoom) call to collect as much phenotypic data as possible. If your residence is located in an area that is deemed low-risk of COVID-19 transmission, we will then send a phlebotomist to your house (in protective equipment and give the participant an N-95 mask to wear) to perform a blood draw. If your residence is not located in a low-risk area, we will continue to monitor conditions and obtain a blood specimen when it is safe. The second part of this visit would then be an in-person visit (when safe) to obtain measurements we are not able to do via video, such as anthropometrics, blood pressure, physical performance measures, carotid ultrasound, ankle-brachial index, and others. Additionally, during this time, our annual telephone follow-up with all of our participants will continue and we look forward to talking again with each and every one of you!